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Giveaway Cancelled

Only got 100 reblogs.

Message me if you want to buy the album.


Hi guys! Is anyone interested in buying a BAP Live On Earth ticket for Dallas, TX? If so, message me asap!

J-hope and Suga dancing to BTOB’s 뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep)


[HQ PHOTO] 140313 Cultwo Show - Changsub (cr 요미누나)
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2012/03/212014/03/21 - HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY BT♡ B


situation: there are cameras around recording but the BtoB members are unaware. Actors were hired to portray fans following them on the streets. When another actor, pretending to be one of the fans’ oppa, orders her to go home with him and becomes rather violent about it, this is how Changsub reacts.

멋진남자 episode 1 - hidden camera: Changsub protecting a girl from her rude boyfriend